Frequently Asked Questions

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It all depends on the size of the cracks and chips present. Hairline and cracks around the 1-3mm range can be easily patched before resurfacing. The same goes for chips, small chips can be patched. If we deem the concrete to be less than ideal for resurfacing, we will suggest that problem areas be removed and replaced with new concrete before we can do our work.
For driveways and garages the product needs 5 days to cure with no vehicle traffic once we have applied the sealer coat. You can walk on the surface once the sealer has dried – normally a few hours after application. For a standard driveway you will need to anticipate parking your vehicles elsewhere for at least 7 days - 2 days for application and 5 days for curing.
We request that the areas to be resurfaced be completely cleared of all furniture, pot plants etc prior to our arrival. Pets and children will need to be kept inside during the application process. Also ensure that all watering/irrigation systems are turned off if they are nearby the areas that are being resurfaced.
EcoCrete is a locally owned and independently operated business. It’s our focus to provide a top notch service and a product which adds style and value to your home.
The duration of the resurfacing process can vary based on the size and complexity of the project. Our most common job is a two car wide, standard sized residential driveway and front path. This normally takes 2-3 days to complete. Projects larger than this can be estimated once we have inspected the property. Our team will provide you with a clear timeline during the consultation phase.
We proudly serve all areas of Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs. Our team is dedicated to bringing the beauty of EcoCrete resurfacing to your residential and commercial properties.
The main difference between us and the competition is that EcoCrete is the only system on the market which utilises an eco-friendly, water based sealer as our top coat. Competing systems are currently limited to using solvent based sealers due to their design, they cannot use water based products as it will detrimentally affect the base compound. So what’s the big fuss about the sealer we use as part of the EcoCrete process compared to the solvent based sealers that the competition is forced to use?
  • Water Based , eco-friendly & 100% biodegradable 
  • Contains NO petroleum solvents
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). No unpleasant smells 
  • Breathable, UV stable 
  • Provides a clean, uniform finish
  • Does not drastically enhance the colour. The richness of colour is in the colour coats and doesn’t depend on the sealer to make the colours look rich. 
  • Re-seal friendly, no whitening when future coats are applied. Re-coating is recommended every 3 years for high traffic areas and 5+ years for low traffic areas.
  • Solvent based, hazardous to human health, toxic components 
  • Contains petroleum solvents
  • High VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), sealer will off gas, releasing an unpleasant chemical smell. 
  • Very likely to leave a uneven/stripy looking finish (most common on darker colored resurfacing jobs which can be seen when the sun shines on it) 
  • Wet look sealer. The sealer is responsible for darkening and enhancing the base compound. This can be a problem if the sealer begins to fade which in turn creates “dry” looking areas. 
  • Re-seal every 24 months regardless of traffic levels. There is a risk of whitening occurring when resealing which creates an unsightly finish. This can only be corrected by using more toxic solvents.

 As you can see, the sealer used actually contributes heavily to how good the surface will look in years to come and the maintenance requirements involved. Another great benefit is that EcoCrete is very repair friendly. As part of the service we provide the client with a small tub of base colour which can be used to easily repair accidental chips etc in the unlikely event they occur. This saves you money as you don’t have to worry about calling us out for a small fix. Competitive products cannot offer this due to their application process, you will be stuck waiting & paying for the applicator to return to do a repair. 

When all things are compared, it should be clear that EcoCrete is the superior resurfacing system for residential and commercial projects.

EcoCrete offers the largest range of colours in the industry as our product can be tinted like paint whilst other competing systems rely on a limited range of oxide colour packs. We offer a core range of finishes, if you want something outside of that we can order it in for an additional fee. Colours can be chosen from the Colorbond, Dulux and Wattyl ranges.