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(left to right: Corbin, Mike, Jarrad)

EcoCrete Adelaide

The Non-Toxic Professionals

Simply put, we’re the cosmetic surgeons for concrete. Rejuvenating and adding value to old and tired stamped, stenciled, exposed aggregate and plain concrete. We get great satisfaction from providing our resurfacing service as it truly helps to lift the look and feel of a property. Another great part of our job is that we get to see lots of smiling clients along the way as oftentimes our clients prior to meeting us have convinced themselves that they either have to opt for an unreliable color seal job or rip the concrete up and replace it with new at an eye watering cost.

The EcoCrete Adelaide journey started a few years ago when I started getting enquiries from clients who wanted to enhance the look of their concrete beyond what pressure cleaning could deliver. There were only a few options on the market, either color sealing or concrete resurfacing, both options present at the time were utilizing sealers that were packed with nasty solvents and high levels of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). After becoming formally trained in the most well-known resurfacing system I began to see flaws in the products we had to use and finished surface. I enjoyed the transformation that resurfacing provided for concrete but wanted to apply a system that was healthier for both my team and my clients and performed at a higher level. My research brought me to EcoCrete, Australia’s only resurfacing specialist that uses ecofriendly and non-toxic sealers. Once I had completed my first job with this system it was clear that EcoCrete was the only way to go. From personal experience using competing products I can truthfully say that the EcoCrete system is superior in terms of eco friendliness and sealer performance – something which lets competing resurfacing systems down. I am excited to offer this innovative product to property owners across Adelaide.


Corbin Mason-Smith

Owner at EcoCrete Adelaide.