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Expert Concrete Cleaning & Sealing by EcoCrete Adelaide

Do you have concrete that you want to preserve the beauty of? Whether it’s existing concrete or new installation work, your concrete will greatly benefit from the specialised clean & seal service that EcoCrete Adelaide offers. If you have existing plain or exposed aggregate concrete, natural stone or pavers our cleaning process will remove the years of mold & grime which are helping to hold your surface back from looking its best. Once thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, an eco-friendly, water based sealer will be applied that will provide great stain protection, especially against oily liquids. Other benefits of concrete sealing with EcoCrete include a surface which is easier to clean and slowing the return of future mold growth. Due to the advanced technology that backs our sealers, they will never flake, peel, yellow or go cloudy like solvent based sealers can. Once your surface has been cleaned & sealed by the EcoCrete team, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. For new installation work our sealers can be used as soon as the concrete is firm enough to walk or after exposing the aggregate. As our sealers can be applied to damp surfaces, we offer the earliest stain protection on the market. It makes sense to seal the surface when it’s at its cleanest. Using solvent based products means the surface has to be left until it is completely dry, normally the following day, creating the opportunity for the surface to become stained whilst it’s unprotected and awaiting sealing. Whatever your situation is, you can depend on EcoCrete AdelaideWhatever your situation is, you can depend on EcoCrete Adelaide to provide a concrete cleaning & sealing solution to protect your investment. Call our friendly team today for more information or to arrange a free quote.